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Image by Karl Fredrickson

What to Expect During a Service

We understand that visitors and newcomers may be a bit lost during the service.

Don’t worry, you are in good company.Many people sitting in the pews with you did not grow up in the Episcopal Church, but were drawn to the serenity and beauty of the liturgy, the love of tradition balanced with the ability to question and discern, and the inclusive welcome.

A worship service is a workout for your body, mind, and spirit. We joke about pew aerobics, because in a typical Episcopal service, you will stand, sit, and kneel – all postures for prayer dating back to the ancient church.

Our faith is not a passive one, where you come, sit, and leave at the end. We engage our faith. We sit to listen and learn. We stand to praise and pray. We kneel in solemn confession and silence. We ask questions. And we are okay with not having all the answers.

Source: Rev. Laurie Brock

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